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NuTonomy self driving cab in accident in Singapore

Reuters reported an accident in Singapore involving the NuTonomy self-driving taxi and a truck. There aren’t a lot of details provided, but it sounds like the NuTonomy car was making a lane change when it hit the truck. There were no injuries. The self-driving car had no taxi passengers but it did have two engineers in the car.

Fortunately, no one was injured and hopefully all autonomous vehicles can learn from whatever went wrong. I’ll try to post follow-ups in this thread as more information becomes available.

I first mentioned the NuTonomy self-driving car in this post as it appears they were the first to market in the world, starting in Singapore.

1 thought on “NuTonomy self driving cab in accident in Singapore”

  1. I just read that NuTonomy is making the difficult, but conservative decision to halt further trials until they have fully analyzed what happened in the accident. Smart move and hopefully they learn and can easily correct the problem.

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