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General Motors Cruise Automation Self-Driving Chevy Bolt

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Back when I started this forum, I wrote an article about the company Cruise. At the time, Cruise was working on an aftermarket self-driving kit for specific Audi vehicles. They were on of the early players in the self-driving market. Back in early 2016, General Motors purchased Cruise for over 500 million dollars. General Motors has since been threatening to be one of the big players in the future of self-driving cars, with talks of them having a fleet of self-driving cars that people will be able to use as taxi’s.

Today there was a demonstration of a Chevy Bolt with Cruise Automation doing a real self-driving exercise in busy San Francisco. The ride did not go perfectly, but there were no accidents and the car eventually got where it was supposed to go (in one recent report, the driver had to do a manual over-ride when the car stopped behind a Taco Truck serving construction workers food – and the Bolt apparently wasn’t sure what to do).

I’m wondering when this technology will be available in a consumer vehicle. Things seem to be evolving very quickly, but I still can’t wait.

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