Make Subaru Legacy or Outback into a self-driving car

Self Driving and Driver Assist Technology

There has been a lot of progress with the Open Pilot project by I had previously made a few posts early on and then when the product was first made open source. There are now a few people working on the Subaru port of the Open Pilot project, they say that a working version is in the works, just needing some additional tuning. Whether that means it can be tuned to work or not with the Subaru awaits to be seen.

I’m seriously considering giving it a try, but I’m a bit hesitant to try to get it all set-up, and I’m thinking I may as well wait until they have the tuning worked out. I need to do some more reading myself to see what sort of effort is involved in tuning a port. I have just enough knowledge of computer programming to be dangerous.

From what I gather, the process (as of now) includes buying three parts – the Eon (which is $500), a Panda ($100 or $200 for the one with High Precision GPS), and a Giraffe (around $60). The Giraffe needs to be a custom one made for the Subaru and there are people who make and sell them separately. If the Subaru ever gets officially supported, perhaps they will sell them directly from

The Eon is a cell phone with a custom case to reduce heat, with software pre-installed that is custom to support the software you need. It is not shipped with the self-driving software, called Open Pilot. This is probably the way that is able to avoid the issues that regulators. You can install the Open Pilot software after receiving the Eon.

Apparently you connect all the parts together, attach them to a connector that is underneath the camera housing, mount the EON to the windshield under the rear view mirror.

If more progress is made, I’ll post it here. And if I ever decide to spend the approximately $750 to test it out, I’ll post my experiences here. If anyone else has tried it and wants to share, please do!

Updated 1/9/20 – I found the attached video on YouTube of someone driving a 2015 Subaru Outback using’s Open Pilot.  It looks like it is working reasonably well.  With the announcement of comma two, I am again tempted to consider this.