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Self Driving Car Resources

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I’m not a professional or expert (yet) when it comes to self driving cars. I’m a huge fan of the concept and I can’t wait to have one myself. I haven’t been able to find one resource considered “the” go to site for information on driverless car technologies. While I would love to say that I intend this site to one day be that resource, I realize that is very unrealistic. I don’t have the time to devote to keeping abreast of this rapidly evolving technology (although I wouldn’t mind if I did).

I figured this thread would be a good place for people to share resources. I will be closely moderating this thread and I’ll only allow established, high quality resources to remain (ie, don’t bother trying to spam this thread with crap).

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but I’ll add links as I find useful information.

Autonomous Car on Wikipedia

This page has a ton of information including a detailed history of autonomous cars. There is also information about different projects and predictions. I could probably stop here, as this page includes links to tons of information.

I will be adding more resources, hopefully soon.

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