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Tesla supercharger battery is heating keep charge cable inserted

Summary: a warning message was visible for about 5-10 minutes before the battery started adding any miles, as the battery warmed up in very cold weather.

I don’t usee the superchargers much, but I have some free miles from a referral. It’s 10 degrees outside today and I went to the supercharger. It says one stall open and one stall out of order. I go to one stall and the charging cable won’t latch into the port. Figures. I go to the other open stall and plug in the cable

I get the message on my screen with the green circle around the letter i saying “Battery is heating – keep charge cable inserted” and that the charging speed will increase once the battery is warm. Well, the charge display shows 0 kw and 0 mi/hr.

I tried to Google the messages to see if I’m possible in another broken stall or if I just need to be patient.

There are no other open stalls so I figure I’ll sit and wait until another stall opens.

After about 10 minutes the car slowly starts to charge. Over the next 10 minutes it gradually speeds up charging and seems to have peaked at around 62 kw adding about 250 mi/hr. And this is a supercharger rated for 250 kw. I don’t know if it is less because the other stalls are full or because of the cold. My battery was at about 50 miles left, so I was hoping to get much faster charging.

If I thought I’d be going on any road trips I’d definitely save my free supercharger miles for that. Having a charger at home is so much more convenient. Plug in at night and the car is charged and warmed up in the morning.

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  1. I faced the same situation. It was 13 F outside and I was at 80 mi charge and as soon as I entered The super charger near me all stations were occupied except one. I plugged in the charge cable to my car and saw this message. I waited for 5-10 mins and charging started .I think this happens when it’s very cold outside and you are on less charge .

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