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As I’ve mentioned on this site before, has been working on self-driving software (open source) to allow for people to connect hardware onto their current vehicle to give it self-driving capabilities.  They have just announced a hardware update and they are calling the new device “Comma Two“.

The new hardware is $999.  It now does not have a battery, as it is powered by the connection to your car.  It allows hands free driving while the driver is paying attention, using a camera to monitor the driver.  They have now added infrared sensors, so the driver can be monitored at night, not requiring the reminders to keep your hands on the wheel when it is darker outside.  It has better cooling (quieter and more effective).  The connection method has been simplified, only requiring one cable.

Not every car is compatible with the device, but quite a few are.  It seems Toyota and Honda vehicles have the most support, but many other specific cars are supported as well.  At this time, it does not list the Subaru Legacy as being officially supported (my car), but it does seem that some people have worked out a way to make it work, the code just hasn’t been committed to the core program yet.

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