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Comma One self driving car project cancelled

The founder of Comma One, George Hotz, posted on twitter that the self driving car project is cancelled, citing frustration with regulatory agencies having a hostile approach and the headaches that go with that territory. Directly, here is what I saw on the twitter account:

Got this in the mail today link First time I hear from them and they open with threats. No attempt at a dialog. -GH 1/3

Would much rather spend my life building amazing tech than dealing with regulators and lawyers. It isn’t worth it. -GH 2/3

The comma one is cancelled. will be exploring other products and markets. Hello from Shenzhen, China. -GH 3/3

1 thought on “Comma One self driving car project cancelled”

  1. And now the project has been completely released as open source! I don’t have the electronics knowledge to solder as required. I also don’t have a Honda or Acura to test it all out. I find it interesting the core of the unit is a cell phone. I don’t trust my cell phone to not freeze up at times, but that is possibly more of a software issue than hardware.

    They instructions are surprisingly clear, given they cancelled the project.

    I have some mixed feelings on the project being cancelled. It demonstrates the challenges in breaking into this business, but it also is a business with extremely high human safety risks if not done properly.

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