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Acura Models with Lane Centering / Lane Following / Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

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<last updated December 21, 2019>

Acura refers to it’s lane centering function as Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS).  This is NOT a basic lane keep system but an actual lane centering functioning.  In other words, on the highway, the car will keep itself centered in the lane, not just ping-ponging when it gets close to the lane markers.  It works pretty well, but the driver still needs to be prepared to assist on some curves, especially if the car has trouble seeing the lane markings.

For 2020, all Acura models have this lane keeping assist system as standard.  It generally has very positive comments, but it is only available when traveling between 45 and 90 mph, unless you have the top of the line RLX.  Many cars today have lane centering down to a stop, which allows for almost hands-free driving in stop and go traffic.  For Acura, you can currently only get this with the RLX.  If this information is no longer accurate, please leave a comment and I’ll update.

Here are some videos and reviews from other sources.  First, a video of the 2019 TLX lane keeping assist system:

Here is a video of the Acura Traffic Jam Assist – currently only available on the RLX:

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