2020 Subaru Lane Centering vs Lane Keep Assist

Self Driving and Driver Assist Technology

I’m overall pretty happy with my 2016 Subaru Legacy, which I purchased primarily because it had one of the best safety packages in Eyesight, at the most affordable price at the time. I was able to get automatic emergency braking on a car that cost me about $25k. It was also the first model in the US where Subaru offered lane keep assist. The lane keep assist provides minimal correction when you start to approach lane markings when you are driving over 40mph. It does not keep you in the center of the lane and if you keep your hands off the wheel (aside from disengaging at some point) it will basically ping-pong you along the way until you are too sharply crossing the lane markings and it won’t do anything at that point. The adaptive cruise control works very well though. Overall, I use those features occasionally, but it is far from a self-driving car.

Many of the cars currently do a much better job of keeping the car centered in the lane allowing for a more “hands free driving” for a little bit. I’m really curious how well the new “Lane Centering” will do compared to the lane keep assist.

I have yet to find any reviews, yet they are marketing the feature for the new 2020 Subaru vehicles. I’ll try to update this thread whenever I come across any reviews, or if I get a chance to do one myself.