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Self driving Honda civic for $700

A college student made good use of the open source system to convert his Honda Civic into a self driving car. This article gives a nice basic overview and explains the features are similar to the early versions of the Tesla autopilot.

I’m a little surprised about the comments late in the article about regulations. I would assume modifying my own car is fine, but it would still be illegal for me to drive without touching the steering wheel. At least at this point.

I will be looking into the comments about the pre-built neo system being sold, as most people aren’t going to have the ability to solder their own system together. I’ll make a separate thread on Neodriven, the company selling it, when I have some time.

1 thought on “Self driving Honda civic for $700”

  1. I made a brief post about Neodriven. As I get more information, I’ll be posting it in that thread. It seems like perhaps is not dead.

    It seems like hacking your own car may become a hobby for the adventurous. I guess the future of cars won’t just be cosmetic and performance mods, but computer / hardware / software related hacks.

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