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Subaru Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

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Android Auto is officially available on the 2017 Subaru Impreza.

SUBARU STARLINK™ makes it easier than ever to play music and make phone calls with Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, Bluetooth®, USB port and NFC technology. Now on an available 8” touchscreen.

This are great features, and I’m most excited about Android Auto. As I’ve said in the thread on Mirrorlink, I really just want to be able to mirror Google maps onto my display. Mirrorlink is essentially useless as there are no apps supported that I’d want to use on my screen.

I basically manage with keeping my phone mounted next to the display, but it would be more convenient to have everything on the large built-in display.

Hopefully there will be a software update for the other Subaru vehicles which will support Android Auto. If anyone has information about it, please share here!

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