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Amount of spare time we would have with driverless cars

Posted in original forum by RachelM:

You’ll all love this.

They’ve actually found out how much time driverless cars will be saving us and a few practical examples of what we could be doing in that time, absolutely brilliant :lol: :lol:

1 thought on “Amount of spare time we would have with driverless cars”

  1. I removed the link as it basically was a repost of information they took from another website. Basically it was just an interesting take based on the amount of time spent it typically takes to commute to and from work in the UK. They estimated that travel times in the UK are between 50 and 70 minutes per day and therefore the following activities would take:

    Christmas shopping – one week of driverless commuting (although this is a horrible example as you can’t really do Christmas shopping from a moving car, unless you do it all online)

    Ukulele – around five weeks.

    Learning to write computer code – around 30 weeks.

    Learning another language – around 115 weeks.

    Personally, I’d rather spend the time sleeping!

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