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Why Subaru Eyesight brakes suddenly to reach max speed

Originally posted on forum by DanTest2:

Why Subaru Eyesight break suddenly (auto cruse control) when accelerate after max speed set, then release acceleration.


– Enable Eyesight auto cruse control
– Set max speed 50Km/h
– Drive in traffic ~ 50Km/h
– Then no more slow traffic and accelerate slowly to 100Km/h (do not change max speed)
– Release acceleration pedal since no more acceleration is required

Expected: the car will slowly slow down to 50Km/h (if now more acceleration)
Result: The car will hardly break to quickly reach 50km/h from 100km/h. Be careful if you have cars after you, almost sure it will be an accident. If as per design ?! however the system does not give to the driver any warning in this scenario.

Is this a Eyesight bug?

2 thoughts on “Why Subaru Eyesight brakes suddenly to reach max speed”

  1. I tested this in my Legacy and found the braking to be not as strong as you imply, but maybe I wasn’t as much over the max speed I had set when I took my foot off the accelerator.

    I set the speed to around 40mph and then sped up to 60. When I took my foot off the gas, the car did apply the brakes, but not too strong.

    I find this feature useful when I am either passing a car or speeding up to get out of a car’s blind spot. I set my cruise to the speed I want. If I have to go above that speed, it means I’m probably exceeding the speed limit, so once I’ve passed the car I would want to return back down to my cruising speed. You are correct that I wouldn’t want it to be too jarring, but I also wouldn’t expect my max speed setting to be slower than the speed limit, so cars behind me shouldn’t be an issue. Also, I usually only speed up a little above my max speed for short times, so I’ve never found an issue with the extent of braking.

    I see it no different of a problem than when I’m in traffic and the car in front of me changes lanes. If there is now no car in front for a distance, my car may speed up a lot more than the neighboring cars. Usually in that situation I disengage the cruise or reset it to a slower speed.

  2. Tested on highway from traffic congestion ~40km/h to no congestion ~100km/h (at 40km/h I just forgot about auto cruise control that was set and I slowly accelerated to 100km/h; then when I removed my feet from acceleration, surprise …, not relay hard break but the car after me almost touch me since there was not expected for a car to brake when there is no traffic)

    Other than this the Eyesight is working perfect.

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