Why Subaru Eyesight brakes suddenly to reach max speed

Self Driving and Driver Assist Technology

Originally posted on forum by DanTest2:

Why Subaru Eyesight break suddenly (auto cruse control) when accelerate after max speed set, then release acceleration.


– Enable Eyesight auto cruse control
– Set max speed 50Km/h
– Drive in traffic ~ 50Km/h
– Then no more slow traffic and accelerate slowly to 100Km/h (do not change max speed)
– Release acceleration pedal since no more acceleration is required

Expected: the car will slowly slow down to 50Km/h (if now more acceleration)
Result: The car will hardly break to quickly reach 50km/h from 100km/h. Be careful if you have cars after you, almost sure it will be an accident. If as per design ?! however the system does not give to the driver any warning in this scenario.

Is this a Eyesight bug?